Designed for Rock and Roll – One of Berry Creative Group’s favorite clients, Holiday Inn Club Vacations®, designs their entire event around the entertainment. The client’s former occupation has provided them with close ties to the music industry and each year the planning process of what the event will look like hinges on what the entertainment will be. Key members of Classic Rock and Roll bands come together to celebrate the achievements of the company’s sales staff while raising money for their favorite charities.

The first year we worked with this client, the event was built around “The Temptations”. The décor was retro 60’s Rock and Roll Flash with shades of white, gold and purple. Over the top furniture and pillows in gold patent vinyl added the feeling of Rock and Roll style.


Another year was built around one of the members of “Guns N’ Roses” and the key design element was a Rose surrounded in barbed wire. Red roses acted as the predominate color story against black décor and was prominently displayed throughout the event in a custom video podium, dance floor covering and a large graphic on the stage.


Last year, one of the former members of “Mötley Crüe” was the headline act. This provided us with a somewhat gothic event logo featuring a skull with glowing green lighting emanating from the eye sockets. The logo as was used as a style inspiration for all of the décor. Gothic wrought iron lanterns hung overhead. Green and black furniture with under lighting in green were branded with this logo and by custom logoed pillows. The logo was emulated by centerpiece designs featuring glowing ceramic skulls. Glass skull votives with LED candles were used on highboys to continue the look.


Berry Creative Group can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year’s event! Rock on!